Your data is safe with Prop Data

Over 2,000 companies and 20,000 property professionals use Prop Data’s products and services every day. We’ve invested in data security, privacy features, and control options to give you peace of mind.

How we earn your trust

Securing your data: Prop Data provides data protection features in our products, services, and operations. 

Building a reliable system: We invest in continuous updates to Prop Data Manage and our other proptech solutions with your security in mind. 

Respecting privacy: Through our product, infrastructure, and data governance, we protect the privacy of you and your clients.

Staying compliant: We meet global and local compliant regulations (like POPIA) to keep your data and processes on the right track.

Work with confidence

At Prop Data, we add layers of security throughout our product and service features, whether free or paid. Our platform is built using best practices that give you the benefit of highly available, scalable, and secure cloud applications.

Security infrastructure

When you send, store, or process data, know it will be done securely at all times. Our in-built safety measures include encryption, least privilege access, and secure software development. We protect your content and lead data with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) to authenticate your website and ensure users feel safe when browsing it.

Operational security

Hacking? Phishing? Viruses? Not on our watch! With our security controls, we are always on the lookout for any malicious activity that can impact our platform and services. We use systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build websites that use the latest firewalls and cloud computing security.

Product security

Our data protection and admin controls give you clear visibility of your data and we provide user levels to manage access on Prop Data Manage. You own your data and we only use it in ways defined and permitted by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Know your system inside and out

With Prop Data, you’ll always be aware of your system status and performance.

Uptime and availability: With a 99.9% uptime commitment, we strive to keep your website accessible and functional at all times. Our disaster recovery plan replicates your software as a service with the most recent backup date. We aim to get you up and running within 24 hours.

Backups: No need to stress — all your data stored is backed up and we also endeavour to test those backups regularly.

Stay on the right side of POPIA

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is South Africa’s data privacy law. It sets conditions for the lawfp processing of people's personal information. Prop Data has put a range of measures in place across our ecosystem to help you operate within compliance.

Get help when you need it

Besides unlocking the full potential of Prop Data’s services, your assigned Account Manager can show you how to use Prop Data services in ways that protect your data. Our dedicated Support Team will also inform you if there are any system changes related to access, privacy, and data security, and provide training sessions to help you navigate this.