Making first impressions count on Google Business Profile

The issues
  • Incomplete business details.
  • Missing branding elements.
  • Little client engagement.
  • A need for local search exposure.
The objectives
  • Polish it to perfection
    To ensure all relevant information is reflected.
  • Bring the brand to life
    To increase brand recognition and awareness.
  • Spark a conversation
    To drive interactions with searchers.

The solution


New cover image: An enticing image of Shelley Residential’s office was added to highlight the company’s professionalism and appealing working environment.


Logo: This was added for instant brand recognition.


Reviews: All reviews — positive and negative — were responded to. Prop Data ensured all positive reviews were shown appreciation, while negative reviews were asked to get in touch with the business to rectify any issues.


Health and safety: Prop Data included information related to the company’s commitment to COVID-19 health and safety protocols: “appointment required”, “mask required”, “staff wear masks”, and “staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits”.


Appointments: A WhatsApp link was added so clients can conveniently contact Shelley Residential directly on the platform.


Products: Prop Data added Shelley Residential’s most popular development listings. All their buyer and seller services were also included to showcase what the business has to offer. Prop Data provided both the design for the thumbnails and copy.


Categories: Relevant categories related to the business were added to help Google understand what kind of business Shelley Residential runs. In this way, their listing has a better chance to appear for the right searches.


Questions and Answers: Prop Data responded to the current question. Besides showing Shelley Residential’s attentiveness, this has the potential to create a lead.


Description/From the business: This section was updated to reflect the business’s areas of specialisation, services, and selling points that make them the go-to agency.


Posts: Prop Data replicated posts from Facebook on Shelley Residential’s listing. These include properties for sale and on show, reduced prices, sold properties, client reviews, company events, and more.


The results

1 March 2022 to 30 April 2022 vs 1 March 2021 to 30 April 2021*

Google Business Profile is an important tool to attract, inform, and engage potential clients. In just two short months, Prop Data’s optimisations helped Shelley Residential’s listing increase engagements, drive brand awareness, and enhance its prominence in searches.









Direction requests


Photo views (vs competition)


Local 3-pack

This shows as a listing of three business options in Google search results when you search for businesses near you or in a particular area.

  • For the period under review, Shelley Residential began appearing in the local 3-pack for critical keywords related to their business: “westville estate agents” and “pinetown estate agents”.

The results

Business Profile interactions
+4.1% (vs Mar 2021–Apr 2021)

These are tracked when people call, message, make bookings, ask for directions, and more from a profile on Google.

  • For the period under review, Shelley Residential’s profile interactions increased by +4.1% from 657 to 684.

Views & Searches

People viewed your Business Profile
+112.7% (vs Mar 2021–Apr 2021)
Searches showed your Business Profile in the search results
+210.3% (vs Mar 2021–Apr 2021)

Views: This tracks the number of unique visitors to a profile.

  • For the period under review, Shelley Residential’s profile views increased by +112.7% from 1,881 to 4,000.

Searches: This tracks the number of searches showing a profile in search results.

  • For the period under review, Shelley Residential’s search queries increased by +210.3% from 447 to 1,387.


Calls made from your Business Profile
+83.3% (vs Mar 2021–Apr 2021)

This tracks the number of clicks made using the Call button on a profile.

  • For the period under review, Shelley Residential’s call clicks increased by +83.3% from 24 to 44.

Direction requests

Direction requests made from your Business Profile
+6.3% (vs Mar 2021–Apr 2021)

This tracks the number of unique customers who request directions to a business by tapping on the Directions button.

  • For the period under review, Shelley Residential’s direction requests increased by +6.3% from 127 to 135.

Photo views

This tracks the number of times a business’s photos have been viewed, compared to photos from other businesses.

  • For the period under review, Shelley Residential’s photos received 753.4% more views than similar businesses. They received 7,51K views while their competition received 880 views.

*Google Business Profile’s insights provide monthly and year-by-year comparisons for specific time periods. These are the time periods compared for this case study.

Photo of Scott Allnatt

Our Google Business Profile is always ‘on’. But, thanks to Prop Data, we have a profile ready to assist clients. By including all our information, brand elements, and engaging posts, we’re seeing great results.

Scott Allnatt

Co-Founder/Managing Director, Shelley Residential

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