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Prop Data’s real estate listing management system simplifies your work with a suite of powerful tools. It connects all your data and amplifies your marketing, sales and operational efforts across your real estate website. Confidently store, access, and manage your agent details, property listings, important documents and more.

Capture & manage

Add user profiles & branch environments

We get it — you’re part of a team. With our user management system, you can add unlimited user profiles and multiple data environments for your entire agency or brokerage network. To protect your data, you can control user access and permissions at all times.

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Capture, manage & publish your listings

Harness the power of one of the most comprehensive listing management solutions. You can capture and manage all your residential, commercial, holiday letting and new development property listing data and media files globally, all housed within an end-to-end framework of relational data and workflow processes. Enhance your listings with dynamic multimedia content including videos, 360˚ photos and virtual tours.

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Manage your contacts, analyse your leads

Client requirements tagging, notes capture & automated activity logging enable you to understand your customers and stay on top of your relationships. We centralise your leads across all sources, making it easy to route them to agents, track activity and send hyper-targeted messaging. For those looking to take sales process and marketing automation to the next level, we are HubSpot Platinum partners and have a seamless setup and integration solution.

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Monitor & analyse

Monitor feeds on our property listing platform

Our property listing platform lets you accurately manage and track both inbound lead feeds from third-party listing systems, as well as outbound property feeds to the likes of Property24, Private Property, and other portals supporting real-time interfaces.

Buyer & tenant listing matches

Using our intuitive matching interface, you’re able to match new listings to your existing client database or new incoming leads to multiple suitable properties with our email alerts and email property matches.

Dashboards & widgets

Prop Data Manage comes equipped with real-time dashboards that help you monitor your business health. Noticeboards and messaging widgets allow your team to collaborate and stay on top of the key activities and data points.

Create, update & store

Create listing or graphical lead reports & brochures

Access and filter comprehensive property and contact details and generate your very own one-liner listing or graphical lead reports in Excel format. You can also automatically generate custom-branded PDF brochures, flyers, and window display cards to showcase your listings and impress your customers.

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Update your website content

There's no need to learn to code or pay a contractor everytime you need to make a website update - you can easily update content at any time. Blog articles, agent and branch profiles with associated area profiles complete the picture, giving you the power to keep your content up-to-date, relevant and impactful.

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Store & share important documents

Marketing files. Legal contracts. Training manuals. In real estate, you work with a lot of documents. Now you can store, manage, and share them all contextually in the cloud allowing your agents, administrators and managers to stay organised.

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Move across, seamlessly

Migration & data import

Our friendly project team has years of experience assisting clients to migrate their data from numerous platforms. Your listing, lead, and contact data can all be seamlessly imported so that nothing falls through the cracks and your business can continue to run smoothly.

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Make it yours

Style the management interface with your own brand colours and logo, set default company settings and regionalisations and control 3rd party platform integrations all from an intuitive interface. Our Manage platform truly is the online home for your agency.

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Get training & support

It’s your system and we want you to be great at using it. We offer free remote training and support backed by 20 years of industry experience. From 08h00 to 17h00, Monday to Friday, our Support team is just a call, live chat or email away.

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