Top real estate companies trust us to help them close more deals and grow their business. They love helping people find their way home and we love helping them do it. Whether you’re overloaded trying to do it all on your own, or trying to find a way to connect multiple teams and offices, Prop Data has the software and services to get it done.

Mark Buttress - CEO, Prop Data

We're grateful to have been at the forefront of real estate technology for over two decades.

Since 1999, when we began our journey, we've honed our skills, won the trust of local and international customers, and built our team of experts into the 40-strong family that it is today. We've also expanded our digital platform into the most complete end-to-end real estate solution in the market.

How did we do that? By sticking to our guns.

Human-powered real estate innovation.

Since day one, we've viewed the role of the real estate professional in the industry as essential. That's why we continue to build technology that appreciates their place at the centre of the real estate universe, enhancing all aspects of the work they do like never before.

In fact, we're on a mission to build the most 'switched on' community of real estate professionals in the industry, unified by a shared desire to harness the best technology in their business.

If it doesn't solve your problem, it's not a solution.

The real estate software landscape is littered with 'one trick pony' products which promise the world, but frequently create more problems than they solve. Make no mistake, tools can be helpful - but solutions are game-changing.

That's why we're committed to delivering the most complete end-to-end platform in the industry, to empower real estate professionals at every step.

Our 'open platform' philosophy.

With over 20,000 users on our platform, we've come to appreciate the enormous diversity of ways in which real estate companies can successfully organise their business and leverage our software.

With this in mind, we've taken the time to develop the most robust API in the industry, to enable all kinds of companies to use our suite of capabilities the way that works best for them - from niche technology start-ups through to many of the market's biggest brands.

In fact, we believe an 'open platform' philosophy is critical to the forward movement of the industry.

You're next.

Now that you know our story, we'd love an opportunity to hear yours. If there's anything we can do to help you make the most of technology in your real estate business, please feel free to get in touch with us.