Platinum Residential is a Gauteng based real estate agency that specialises in residential property sales in the Midrand area. With more and more buyers and sellers starting their property search online, Platinum launched a website on 1 April 2015 to reach, engage and convert their online target market into high quality leads. However, the Platinum executives were not satisfied with their website’s performance and approached Prop Data to rectify the issue and create an effective online presence for their real estate company.

The client identified the following problems with their website:

  • Poor website layout design.
  • Poor reflection of the Platinum brand and it’s values.
  • Poor user experience.
  • Not mobile friendly.
  • Low number of visits and page views.
  • High bounce rate.
  • No organic search engine rankings.
  • No leads were generated.


To accurately reflect the company’s corporate identity and better appeal to their target market.
To employ the latest real estate web technology to provide the user with a superior property search experience.
To improve search engine rankings and drive high quality traffic to the website from Google and other major search engines.
To create a mobile friendly user experience.
To generate high quality online leads.



As soon as a visitor lands on the homepage, we want them to to feel as if they’re dealing with a company that’s different to a stereotypical estate agency, a company that is not scared to break the mold. On initial view the focus is on search with rotating imagery that appeals and relates to the client’s target audience. All imagery on the page is black and white which allows us to use the neon green from the logo as a highly effective accent colour, bringing focus to call-to-actions and important information. This aesthetic has been carried through the website wherever possible.

Images that create emotion.
Not stereotypical property images.


The website is primarily designed to create a positive online property search experience with the purpose of gathering client data and ultimately generating high-quality leads. An intuitive property search facility is specifically designed to help users search and filter through listings in a quick and easy way. Search results and details pages are designed to easily allow visitors to take action through always visible (sticky) enquiry forms, sharing tools, PDF brochures and even QR Codes. Clever calculators, high-impact photo galleries and the latest mapping technology are all integrated to help a visitor make decisions and take action.

Results pages that produce results.

Sticky filter and contact form. Easy sharing. Beautiful PDF version.

Showing off properties properly

Easy sharing and saving. Sticky contact form and all the details a visitor needs.


With over 40% of visitors searching for property on their smartphones and other mobile devices, it is vital that we offer visitors a truly mobile property search experience. The mobi website is specifically designed to enhance the user’s experience and employs a combination of touch and geolocation technology to help users locate properties near them without searching.


To generate maximum market expose, all Platinum Residential property listings are automatically distributed and published on all the major property portals (such as Property24, Private Property and IOL Property) through Prop Data’s Syndication service. 


All search engine optimisation efforts were focused on property related keywords and phrases that were geographically specific to the Midrand and surrounding suburbs. Original and relevant website content was generated to provide useful information to the user and ensure that Platinum Residential met the longer tail search queries. The website was then optimised with careful consideration given to the URL structure, page titles, headings and breadcrumbs. Internal links were dynamically created to ensure search engines could easily reach all internal pages while maintaining the most relevant link profile for each internal page. Sitemaps were also generated and submitted to both Bing and Google with the aim of tracking crawl rates to ensure all listings were accessible to both search engines and website visitors.


1 July - 31 Aug 2015 vs 1 April - 31 May 2015

Through the redesign, development and optimisation of the new Platinum Residential website and mobi site, we were able to greatly improve the client’s online presence and achieve their online marketing objectives. In just two short months Prop Data was able to improve the website’s search engine rankings, drive high quality traffic to the website, better engage visitors, provide a superior property search experience and ultimately improve the website’s conversion rate and generate high quality leads.







Per Visit




For the period under review the total number of visits increased by +747% from 822 to 6 962 visits. Unique visits increased by +477% from 794 to 4 578 visits. Pages viewed increased by 3 082% from 991 to 31 530 views and the average number of pages viewed per visit increased from 1.21 to 4.53. There was also a significant reduction in the bounce rate from 73.36% to 44.64%.

Accounting for over 38% of traffic, organic search is now the website's single largest source of traffic and generates the highest quality of traffic. Visitors reaching the new Platinum Residential website through organic search record one of the highest number of page views and have the lowest bounce rate.

The mobi site has also enabled Platinum to reach widest possible audience with traffic from mobile and tablet devices increasing quite dramatically. These visitors are also showing a good level of interaction with the website and generating a large percentage of leads generated.

Note: The new Platinum Residential website was launched mid June 2015. Therefore, to measure the effectiveness of Prop Data's online marketing efforts, we have removed all data from June 2015 and compared the Google Analytics data from the last 2 months (April and May 2015) with the previous service provider to the first 2 months (July and August 2015) with Prop Data.

The Prop Data team was like a breath of fresh air in an industry that is still trying to find its way in the digital age. Their knowledge and expertise from SEO to design are world class and helps to propel your business to the next level. At the end of the day it is the measurable results that matter and our new website has created a cascade of new business and increased our organic traffic by 3,640%. The leads are of a much higher quality with significant decrease in our bounce rate and a higher conversion ratio.

Their backend system is easy to use and works seamlessly taking the tireless work out of loading multiple systems for property syndication.

Their energetic team helped take the frustration out of developing a new website and turned it into an exciting and fun project. With their on-going support and advice we look forward to achieving continual growth and a building of our digital real estate.

Melanie Pearse

Marketing Manager, Platinum Residential