Cape Winelands Properties

As part of the Val de Vie group of companies, Cape Winelands Properties (CWP) is committed to the same level of excellence that has long been associated with Val de Vie Estate.

Founded in 2006, as the official on-site agency for the estate, they have grown alongside the estate as it introduced various property developments. In 2015, they underwent a process of rebranding CWP to reposition the brand in the minds of consumers as a luxurious, contemporary and cutting edge agency.

Having sold more than 60% of properties on Val de Vie Estate to date, they assure you that the process of purchasing your dream home is in very capable hands. Not only are they committed to making your dream their goal, but they are also dedicated to the success of the estate; which ultimately translates to a continued return on investment long after the purchase of your home.

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