Why Professional Website Design Is Important

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Creative on 02 March 2016

Tags: branding, creative articles, design

In today’s ever changing world, visual communication is becoming increasingly important. The human brain processes imagery much faster than words and most of the information we consume is through visuals. Your real estate website should convey your brand/message and impactful visuals are the best way to do so. Appearance matters, which is why professional website design is a crucial part of being successful online.

A well designed, modern looking website builds trust and ensures that your brand stands out amongst the rest. However, website design is not purely aesthetic, functionality also plays a large role in making an impact on your website visitors. If your real estate website is designed in a way which is user friendly and easy to navigate, it can compel prospective customers to take action. Here are a few aspects which contribute to a clean, professional real estate website design:


Less is more and an effective design should illustrate a story without being overwhelming to the viewer. It is important that your website is devoid of visual clutter, particularly on the homepage as this is the first thing your website visitors will see. When a visitor lands on your homepage, it should compel them to stay on your website. A homepage should summarise who you are and what you do, through a few simple categories in order to deliver relevant information to your target audience. Tell them a bit about you, showcase some of your happy clients and include an impactful call to action which will urge visitors to stay and find out more.


The use of images and photos is one of the best ways to create desired interest. Employing high quality photographs and action shots on your website can make your brand seem more credible and professional to prospective clients. Pristine real life photos tell a story and portray the message of your brand, which will ensure that your website resonates with new visitors.

Attention to detail

Every detail of your website matters and small inconsistencies can add up and negatively impact your website visitors. Small details of your website can often make the largest impact on the user. It is important to never overlook small mistakes on your website as users will recognise them quickly. Paying close attention to detail can ensure that real estate your website looks more professional and will lead to a better user experience.


It is crucial that the essence of your brand is conveyed throughout your website. Consistency not only makes your website look better, but ensures that your brand is recognised and reinforced. Visual design affects the user on a subconscious level and different layouts, spacing, colours and fonts between pages can be jarring and disconcerting to the viewer. While, if these things are consistent from page to page, the viewer feels calmer and less disorientated as this created a sense of reliability.


Every element of your website needs to have a logical place as this will allow your website visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. The navigation needs to be consistent and link from page to page in order to direct the user through the website and drive them to stay. The website user should learn about your brand as they move through the website. A well organised website with friendly navigation will see a lower bounce rate as this encourages users to browse through and smoothly find the information they are looking for. Everything on each page needs to have a purpose, if the organization is redundant and doesn’t make sense, the visitor will feel frustrated and click away.

A professionally designed real estate website with eye catching visuals plays a large role in building trust, communicating your brand’s message and generating leads. The above guidelines can ensure that your real estate website is designed in a manner which will aid your real estate business in becoming successful online. We offer a range of design services to ensure that your website accurately reflects your brand.