Use Paid Search to Reach your Clients

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Search on 14 February 2017

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Paid Search is a cost effective and highly scalable form of online advertising which is designed to connect you with clients who are actively searching online for your properties and services. This is because Paid Search platforms enable you to bid on a cost-per-click basis for advert placements within the search engine results pages, by allowing you to sponsor a list of keywords related to your real estate business. Therefore, whenever a prospective customer uses a search engine to search for your services, your advert may be shown in the search results.

Google Adwords is the largest paid search platform, raking in 33% of all online ad revenue globally. This essentially means that the search engine owns one third of the global online advertising market. Not only is its market share extensive, but so is its popularity, as the service contributes to 95% of Google's total revenue.

Recent trends indicate that a growing number of real estate companies are choosing to advertise on the platform, and are reaping the enormous benefits that come with utilising Google Adwords’ extensive range of features.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the most popular Paid Search platform in the world, with over 2 million businesses advertising on Google worldwide. Google AdWords comprises of two advertising networks, namely, Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Google AdWords are plain text ads which appear in the search results whenever someone uses one of your keywords to do a search on the Google Search Network. The Search Network comprises of Google search as well as other search related sites which are partnered with Google. Display Adverts are visual multimedia ads which appear in the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network comprises of certain third party websites which have chosen to be monetised and approved as a Google advertiser. Therefore, Display ads will appear primarily on third party websites and are not reliant on keywords.

Why should you advertise on Google?

Google AdWords has been specifically designed to help businesses gain a positive return on investment for their adverts. The Google AdWords platform entails a multitude of features and tools which enable businesses to reach their desired target market, track their progress and generate quality leads. Therefore, there are countless benefits for advertising on Google, such as: 

1. Instant Visibility on Google

Improving your place and visibility in the Google unpaid/organic search results can be a timeous and lengthy process, particularly if you are a new real estate website. Paid Search proves to successfully mitigate this problem as it provides instant visibility within the top 4 search results. Once your ads have been set up with quality landing pages and keywords, they should begin gaining clicks and improving your real estate brand’s visibility in the search results within a matter of hours. 

2.  Reach Relevant Customers

Google AdWords allows you to reach people precisely when they are searching on Google for services relevant to your real estate business. Prospective customers searching for properties or an estate agency in a particular area are able to click on your ad, browse your website listings and learn more about what your agency offers. Therefore, Paid Search allows you to advertise to people with a direct interest in your business. In addition to this, Google’s remarketing features allow you to show your adverts to people who have already expressed an interest in your real estate business. This can be done by tracking people who have previously visited your website and frequently returning your adverts to them across the internet. 

3. Flexible Costs

Google AdWords is highly cost-effective and provides advertisers with full control over their advertising spend. As an advertiser, you can determine your own daily and monthly budget, set the maximum cost that you are willing to pay per click and monitor these costs as the campaign progresses. If you need to pause, edit and restart your adverts, you can do so at any time and you can also schedule your adverts to show at times which suit your business, such as Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm.

4. It’s Completely Measurable 

Unlike traditional advertising, Paid Search platforms like Google Adwords provide you with detailed statistics about the performance of your adverts. Here, you can find details such as: how many times your ads were shown; which position they were shown in; the percentage ads that were clicked on and the average cost per click. The reports also allow you to determine which keywords aren’t working and which keywords are successful, thereby providing you with insight into your target market and the success rate of your advertising campaign. 

Considering that Google Adwords instantly improves online visibility, connects businesses to interested clients, and is affordable, flexible and easy to monitor, it is the ideal tool to promote any business. It is for this reason that an increasing number real estate companies are choosing to use the platform to market their property listings and services to a wealth of clients and prospective clients.