The secret to generating more leads with Facebook Remarketing

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Social on 30 March 2015

Tags: internet marketing

Reap the full benefits of Facebook ads by making use of Remarketing. This service will allow you to reach relevant people on Facebook that are more likely to turn into high quality leads.

When people search for property on Google or any other leading search engine, the chances are that they will look at various Real Estate websites to find the perfect agency for their specific needs. The danger with this is that they might navigate away from your website before turning into a lead. They might even forget your company name and never return to send you an enquiry.

What Is Remarketing?

In much the same way as Google Display ads are remarketed to past website visitors, Facebook remarketing is a tactic that allows you to advertise to Facebook users who have visited your website. The process works like this: visitors browse your website, you create a custom audience on Facebook that is made up of these visitors, and then you show targeted ads to them on Facebook.

The goal of remarketing on Facebook is to put your brand top of mind. If used correctly, it can be a very effective marketing strategy that can benefit your real estate business greatly.

Custom Audiences on Facebook

The remarketing process starts with creating a Custom Audience on Facebook. You can choose between website visitors, email subscribers and mobile app users depending on what your company offers. For your real estate company, you will probably gain the most from a website visitors’ Custom Audience.

Remember to: 

• Be specific when naming your custom audiences to avoid any confusion when you target your future ads.
• Ensure that you are logged in to Facebook on the billing account if you don't use your personal profile to pay for Facebook ads.
• Remember to send the relevant custom audience pixel to your service provider to add to each page of your website (more on this below).

Remarketing benefits

The most important and obvious benefit is that remarketing allows you to reach people who have already shown interest in your brand, products and agents by visiting your website. Other benefits:

• If you have a new product or service, you can inform this group of visitors about it
• You can potentially drive more traffic to your website from Facebook
• There is a better chance that this group of visitors will convert into high quality leads
• Lower cost per click - more relevant clients means more clicks
• It allows you to develop more efficient ads targeted at very distinct groups of people
• It allows you to target people who visited a specific page/pages on your website
• It allows you to create lookalike audiences

How it works

For remarketing to work, there needs to be some sort of link between your website and Facebook. Start by creating your custom audience. The custom audience will have a custom audience pixel (a small piece of JavaScript code) associated to it. You need to send this piece of code to your service provider to insert on each page of your website.

If you want to target visitors who visit only specific pages on your website, you can do so by customizing your Facebook custom audience to include only specific pages. Only one custom audience pixel is generated per Facebook account, so the code that is added to your website will be the same across all pages.

Lookalike audiences

After you have created a custom audience from your website visitors, you can create a lookalike audience. Lookalike audiences are made up of Facebook users who share similar traits and behavioural patterns to your custom audiences. Lookalike audiences allow you to reach new people who are more likely to turn in to high quality leads because they are similar to customers you care about.

Facebook remarketing is an effective way of reminding Facebook visitors about your brand, services and agents. It allows you to target your ads to highly relevant visitors, those that have already shown an interest in your brand, that are more likely to convert into high quality leads.