The Role Of Colour In Branding

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Creative on 16 March 2016

Tags: branding, design

Colour plays a vital role in how we experience the world, which is why colour is essential for establishing a sound corporate identity. Colours are the main backbone of a strong and easily recognisable brand as colours can subconsciously communicate a brand’s promise to its customers. Choosing the correct brand colours for your real estate business can have a significant impact on your overall success.

Why is colour use so important?

Without colour, a large majority of popular brands would not exist in the form that we know them as today. There are several reasons why colour plays such a major role in a brand’s success. These include:


1. Colour engages with your customers’ emotions

Colour is registered by the brain before images or text and specific colours can evoke certain emotions. Your brand colours can have an emotional impact on your customers and encourage them to take action. 

2. Consistent colours build trust

It is important to ensure that once you have chosen your branding colours, those colours remain consistent throughout every aspect of your real estate business. A consistent corporate identity with easily recognisable colours can instill a sense of trust and loyalty amongst your audience and reinforces brand awareness. 

3. Colours help you stand out

Carefully chosen and uniquely combined colours can help your real estate brand stand out amongst your competitors. Uniqueness can often portray a sense of effort and authenticity to prospective customers. If your colours are generic and similar to that of your competitors, you may be easily overlooked and forgotten.


How to choose the right colours for your brand

While perceptions of colour are subjective, there are some colour effects which have universal meanings.

Red: The colour red is often associated with energy as it is the colour of love and fire. This colour can also evoke a sense of strength and power to the viewer. Brands which make use of the colour red are often perceived as energetic, passionate and powerful.

Yellow: Yellow is often synonymous with joy and happiness as it is the colour of sunshine. The warmth which emanates from the colour yellow can aid a brand in communicating a sense of friendliness or cheerfulness.

Orange: The colour orange is defined as a warm colour which can instill emotions ranging from comfort to enthusiasm. It has very high visibility due to its brightness and can be used to catch attention and highlight elements of your brand’s design.

Green: As the colour of nature, green often symbolises growth, prosperity and freshness. Green has a strong correspondence with positivity and can be used to indicate that your brand is ambitious and focused on growth.

Blue: The colour of the ocean and the sky, blue can be likened to feelings of depth and stability. Making use of the colour blue in your brand colours can introduce a sense of calmness to your  customers as blue is strongly associated with tranquility.

White: A high percentage of prominent, well established brands encompass the colour white in their corporate identity. This is because white has positive connotations and often denotes to purity, safety and cleanliness. The colour white can help refine your brand and ensure that your colours are impactful yet clean and fresh. 

Black: Black is frequently linked to formality, elegance and mystery. Brands which include variations of the colour black are often perceived as professional, sophisticated and powerful. The use of the colour black can induce a sense of curiosity amongst new customers and feelings of professionalism and trustworthiness amongst existing customers.

Colours have a strong psychological effect on how prospective clients perceive your real estate brand. By harnessing the correct colours which match your real estate business’ essence and message, you will be more likely to create interest, drive action and generate leads. If you would like professional assistance with the design and colours of your corporate identity, contact the Prop Data design team