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A New Window To Feeds

Posted by Prop Data in Syndication on 20 April 2016

Tags: syndication, website update

Up until now, managing inbound and outbound data feeds has been a very cumbersome, confusing and time consuming exercise for most Estate Agents as they lacked access to feed log information. In fact, they’ve been kept totally in the dark. Barring contacting our Support Centre, it has been virtually impossible for an Estate Agent to know if or when Prop Data received a listing from a 3rd party software system and whether or not it was successfully published on their company website and the major property portals.

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Are you ready for Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update?

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Websites on 13 April 2015

Tags: design, google, internet marketing, marketing, online marketing, website update

In a few days' time, Google will make a major change to their mobile search algorithm. The change, due to be released on 21 April, will affect mobile search only and is expected to be the biggest change to date. After this change is implemented, mobile-friendly websites will enjoy higher ranking within mobile search results.

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Mobile Website or Responsive Design

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 29 August 2014

Tags: mobi, mobile web, ux, website maintenance, website update

We already know that there is big shift towards mobile internet usage with approximately 4 in 10 online users doing so on a mobile device.  It may seem that ideally a website should be able to offer a quality mobile experience without having to change a line of code, but the reality is that a website designed specifically for mobile devices will always provide a much better user experience.

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Advanced Property Search

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 20 June 2014

Tags: ux, website update

We covered the value of creating a great user experience in a previous blog post.  While we covered seven of the most important aspects of user experience briefly, for real estate websites the most important aspect of creating an unmatched user experience is possibly the property search.

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Location Location Location

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 02 March 2013

Tags: google places, internet marketing, lead generation, local search, online marketing, seo, website update

Often regarded as the number one rule in real estate, this rule rings true when marketing real estate online. We all know that the more specific the search, the more relevant your webpage is to that search and the better your chances are of converting that visitor into a lead. This is where location really comes into the mix. Most property related searches that will lead to an enquiry will include an area, after all property remains an immovable asset.

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