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Talk the Talk in 2018 – Part 1

Posted by Melissa Naidoo in Search on 10 January 2018

Tags: content marketing, glossary, internet marketing, seo, ux

By now you should know the benefits of marketing your real estate business online. The reach, focus and success tracking of internet marketing efforts are well documented and can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Having said that, do you ever find yourself lost when suppliers start describing services or products? Digital marketing has literally developed a language of its own, and it is beneficial to become as fluent as possible, if you intend on creating a healthy online presence for your brand. Click through and bookmark the first post in our two part series of essential internet marketing terms.

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Benefits of a Prop Data Mobile Website

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 04 September 2014

Tags: mobi, mobile web, ux

Websites that have been specifically designed for mobile devices often include different functionality from those designed for stationary, or desktop, machines.  This can at times be due to limitations of the device at other times they can offer additional functionality that isn't available on other devices.

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Mobile Website or Responsive Design

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 29 August 2014

Tags: mobi, mobile web, ux, website maintenance, website update

We already know that there is big shift towards mobile internet usage with approximately 4 in 10 online users doing so on a mobile device.  It may seem that ideally a website should be able to offer a quality mobile experience without having to change a line of code, but the reality is that a website designed specifically for mobile devices will always provide a much better user experience.

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Advanced Property Search

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 20 June 2014

Tags: ux, website update

We covered the value of creating a great user experience in a previous blog post.  While we covered seven of the most important aspects of user experience briefly, for real estate websites the most important aspect of creating an unmatched user experience is possibly the property search.

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