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7 Property Website Essentials

Posted by Keisha Singh in Websites on 13 September 2016

Tags: Custom Homepage, content marketing, custom websites, design, mobi, mobile web

The purpose of your real estate website is to distribute information, promote your property listings, position your real estate brand, communicate your marketing message and ultimately convert your website visitors into high quality leads. The aim is to effectively engage your prospective buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants on your website and encourage them to take action by picking up the phone, completing an online enquiry form, or signing up for your monthly email newsletter.

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Property Search on the Move

Posted by Keisha Singh in Websites on 13 July 2016

Tags: custom websites, mobi, mobile web

2016 has heralded a giant leap toward a more integrated and streamlined mobile generation. Smartphones have evolved to become an important factor in our daily lives as they effortlessly deliver a broad range of services that previously seemed impossible such as, banking and shopping from the palm of our hands. The property market has also greatly benefitted from this ‘leap’ as it has enabled real estate companies to provide their website visitors with a truly mobile property search experience.

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Mobi vs Responsive: The Best Option For Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Websites on 07 July 2016

Tags: custom websites, mobi

Optimising your real estate website for mobile devices has become crucial in today’s digital savvy market, with mobile devices making up for over 50% of total website traffic. However, there are different options available in the mobile arena and this can lead to some confusion about which method works best. Therefore, this brings us to the question of whether it is best to switch to a responsive website design or develop a separate mobi website.

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What is content marketing, really?

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Content on 20 April 2015

Tags: branding, content marketing, email marketing, facebook, internet marketing, marketing, mobi, online marketing, social media

Having a strong content marketing plan in place is essential for your Real Estate business. It should be used to enhance your current marketing plan. Technology has made it easy for consumers to choose the marketing messages they want to see. They filter out information that they deem “spammy” and opt for information that can benefit them in some way.

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The Impact of Mobi for Real Estate

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 17 October 2014

Tags: lead generation, mobi, mobile web

We recently covered the shift from desktop to mobile internet usage and the importance of offering both audiences optimal website experience.  After considering the advantages and disadvantages of responsive websites or the option of creating a separate mobile specific website, we at Prop Data decided to opt for the latter.  It was generally decided that when targeting the mobile real estate market that a specialised mobile website would offer the end user the best possible experience.

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Benefits of a Prop Data Mobile Website

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 04 September 2014

Tags: mobi, mobile web, ux

Websites that have been specifically designed for mobile devices often include different functionality from those designed for stationary, or desktop, machines.  This can at times be due to limitations of the device at other times they can offer additional functionality that isn't available on other devices.

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Mobile Website or Responsive Design

Posted by Robert Cerff in Websites on 29 August 2014

Tags: mobi, mobile web, ux, website maintenance, website update

We already know that there is big shift towards mobile internet usage with approximately 4 in 10 online users doing so on a mobile device.  It may seem that ideally a website should be able to offer a quality mobile experience without having to change a line of code, but the reality is that a website designed specifically for mobile devices will always provide a much better user experience.

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