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Google My Real Estate Business

Posted by Megan Prior in Search on 04 October 2017

Tags: google business, google maps, local search, seo

These days, there are thousands of real estate websites and businesses online. With the amount of competition increasing daily, it is now more crucial than ever for your real estate brand and business to be found on Google, when users are looking for real estate services in your local area. As Google is still the single largest source of traffic for most real estate websites, one of the best ways to connect with prospective clients and be found online is to get listed with Google My Business.

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Get Listed on Google Business (Google Places Update)

Posted by Robert Cerff in Social on 23 January 2015

Tags: google, google business, google maps, google places, google services, local search, mobile web, online marketing

We covered the importance of localised search as far back as 2013, fast forward to 2015 and it is quite clear that local search is a leading source of business to most companies.  The drastic rise in mobile use has also helped promote localised search with the major search engines tailoring search results directly based on your location.

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Google Services

Posted by Robert Cerff in Search on 25 April 2014

Tags: google, google maps, google places, google services, youtube

When most people think of Google they immediately think of Google search.  While it is true that Google are synonymous with search, right down to people talking about "Googling it" to search for it, Google offer a vast range of services and products that you might not yet know of.  Below is just a brief list of Google's more popular services, all of which are free (some do have paid for upgrades).

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Improve the Quality of Your Listings

Posted by Robert Cerff in Management on 16 July 2013

Tags: google maps, lead generation, online marketing, videos, virtual tours, website maintenance

Without driving any more traffic to your website you can drastically increase the quantity of leads generated by simply improving the quality of your website’s property listings. This is key factor in Conversion Optimisation – the process of improving a website and enhancing the user’s online experience for the sole purpose of increasing the conversion rate of visits into leads.

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