Should Your Real Estate Business Use Paid Search?

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Search on 22 June 2016

Tags: adwords, marketing

Paid Search refers to advertising within the sponsored section of a search engine by paying each time your ad is clicked on. Google AdWords is a paid search platform which allows advertisers to sponsor a list of keywords relevant to their business and create text ads which, when clicked, direct to their business’ website. Whenever a Google search is conducted using one of these keywords, their text ad is shown in the Google Search results. Below, we have compiled a list of reasons why Google AdWords serves as a highly effective tool for growing your real estate business online.

1. Reach Relevant Customers

Paid Search allows you to reach people precisely when they are searching for services relevant to your real estate business. Prospective customers searching for properties or an estate agency in a particular area are able to click on your ad, browse your website and learn more about what your agency offers. Therefore, Paid Search allows you to advertise to people with a genuine interest in your business.

2. Track Your Success

Unlike traditional advertising (such as print), Paid Search platforms like Google Adwords provide you with detailed reports on the performance of your ads. Here, you can find details such as: how many times your ads were shown; which position they were shown in; the percentage ads that were clicked on and the average cost per click. The reports also allow you to determine which keywords aren’t working and which keywords are successful - thereby providing you with insight into your target market.

3. Instant Ranking

Improving your place and visibility in the unpaid/organic search results can be a timeous and lengthy process, particularly if you are a new real estate business. Paid Search proves to successfully mitigate this problem as it provides instant rankings. Once your ads have been set up with quality landing pages and keywords, they should begin gaining clicks and improving your real estate brand’s visibility in the search results within a matter of hours.

4. Full Control

Paid Search gives the advertiser full control over his/her campaigns. For instance, you are able to edit, pause, remove and restart campaigns, ad groups and keywords at any given time, free of charge. You can determine your own daily and monthly budget, set a maximum cost per click and monitor these costs as the campaign progresses.

5. Return On Investment

Online advertising platforms like Google AdWords are highly cost effective, you can choose exactly how much you wish to spend, allowing you to start with a budget that you feel comfortable with. From there, you are also able to monitor exactly how many clicks and leads you are gaining in comparison to how much you are spending. Google AdWords also provides a full set of tools which help you target the right audience according to the characteristics of your desired target market, such as: location, age, gender etc. Hence, by making use of these targeting features, you are able to attract high quality leads from relevant customers.

There are a multitude of benefits which come with making use of Paid Search as it is the fastest way to ensure online exposure and visibility.