Making the most of Facebook

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Social on 22 July 2015

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Being a tech savvy agent means keeping in touch with your clients, wherever they are. Facebook is a popular social media platform that enables you to keep in touch with existing clients, find new clients and establish yourself as a property and area specialist.

It is definitely in your best interest to brush up on your Facebook knowledge and to create a successful page that will benefit your real estate business. If the world of Facebook is new to you, it might be a bit overwhelming at first, but here are a few tips to get you started. 

1) Creating your page

Simply creating a profile is not enough, you have to opt for a business page. With a business page, you will be able to access useful stats that will help you to craft the perfect posts based on audience behaviour. You will also be able to access various advertising features.

2) General


The design used on your Facebook page should accurately reflect your brand. Even though social media is aimed more at the fun side of things, it is important to ensure that people know exactly who they're dealing with by simply looking at the design elements of your page.

Cover Image:

•  The ideal dimensions for your cover image is 851px x 315px.
•  Make sure that it is eye catching.
•  Make sure that it is not pixelated (use PNG rather than JPG).
•  Avoid using too much text on the cover image as it will not display properly on mobile devices.

Profile Picture:

Use your real estate company logo for this section. This ensures that every comment or post you make carries your logo. 

About section

In this section it is important to be thorough. You want to give your audience as much information as possible. Make sure that your address details and contact details are correctly captured to ensure that your audience can reach you easily (don't miss out on high quality leads). Important fields to complete:

•  Address details
•  Long description
•  Short Description
•  Contact details
•  Trading hours
•  Set a custom URL - this will convert a string of letters and numbers into something representative of your brand (it will also be much easier to share). Be mindful when setting this, because you are only allowed to change it twice.


Your posts should be relevant, useful and interesting. It is vital to create a solid content plan that will captivate and assist your audience with all their property needs.

•  Find your voice and keep your tone consistent
•  Address your audience directly
•  Avoid too much self promotion (stick to the 20/80 rule)
•  Engage with your audience. Simply informing them about a new property will not evoke curiosity. Find a specific angle and encourage them to click through to your website for more.
•  Keep tracking the performance of your posts and adapt your content plan to cater for the needs of your audience.

2) Insights

The insights section allows you to see who's following your page, what type of content your audience is engaging with most and also how many people are seeing your posts. This tab should be your best friend and you should spend a lot of time on interpreting the data regularly.


The overview is a useful summary displaying your Page likes, Post Reach and engagement for the week as well as your 5 most recent posts and your pages to watch. You can have a quick glance and know more or less how your page is performing for the week.

* Explore the Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts and People tabs for a more in-depth analysis. These allow you to specify certain date ranges.

3) Facebook Ads

Now that you have a great Facebook page, it is time to attract some potential leads. It is advised to reserve some marketing budget for Facebook ads. Investing some money will ensure that your content is seen. There are various types of ads on Facebook and a good approach is a combination of promoting your page to a targeted audience and promoting your content.

Promote your page

A bunch of Facebook likes might look impressive, but it's not about quantity, it's about quality. Fans that are genuinely interested in your brand and services are more likely to share your content, engage with your content and convert into high quality leads.

•  It is a trial and error process, so play around with different audiences.
•  Not sure where to start? Think about your services, location and Facebook content.
Example: If you are a real estate agency specialising in residential property in the Ballito area, target people in Ballito and surrounds with an interest in property, DIY, decor, Ballito.

Boost your posts

Great content deserves to be seen. Boosting your posts will ensure increased exposure.
The Facebook newsfeed only displays what Facebook thinks you want to see. If your audience members do not engage with your content on a regular basis, they will probably not see your content in their newsfeed. To ensure that they do, boost your posts and set the audience to "People who like your page and their friends".


Facebook is a powerful tool and if used correctly it can benefit your real estate business tremendously. Creating a Facebook page will allow you to keep in touch with existing clients, reach new clients and establish yourself as a voice of reason on all things property.