Improve your rankings on property portals

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Content on 03 February 2016

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Selling property online is all about providing prospective clients with that wow experience. A combination of beautiful imagery, a captivating property description, a clear call-to-action and valid contact information all contribute to converting prospective clients into high quality leads. 

Enabling prospective clients to see your properties and interact with your brand requires a strong online presence. If you already have a breathtaking SEO-friendly real estate website, it is time to expand your footprint and syndicate to property portals and online classifieds as well. 

South Africa's two largest property portals, Property 24 and Private Property, are often the starting point for many buyers when they start their property hunt. Having a presence on these portals will benefit your brand greatly, but it is important to ensure that you fully optimise your listings to improve your rankings and make them stand out.    


At Prop Data, we believe in convenience, which is why we offer syndication to our clients. One of the biggest benefits of this service is being able to capture a listing only once and publishing it on various websites. This allows you to add and update listings without having to worry about logging in to multiple platforms to apply changes. 

We currently syndicate to a variety of portals and online property classifieds. Have a look at our syndication network.

Why syndicate to property portals? 

Property portals are very popular among those looking for property because they provide visitors with diversity of choice. A single search will yield a large collection of properties listed by various agents in that area.  

Having a presence on property portals will give your brand added exposure and will aid in generating leads. If you operate in a very competitive area, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. For this reason, it is necessary to go the extra mile to ensure that your properties rank well within the search result pages.  

Both Property 24 and Private Property are committed to providing their website visitors with quality property search. To achieve this, they incentivise agents who put in the effort to ensure that their listings are eye catching, comprehensive, and transparent. This helps to create a fair marketing platform for all agents while giving website visitors a much better browsing experience.   

Here are a few tips on how to improve your ranking score on Property 24 and Private Property: 

1) Property 24: 

  • Supply full address details and allow these to be displayed. 
  • Make sure that the property map is shown. 
  • Provide a strong title. 
  • Provide a captivating description of no less than two paragraphs in length. 
  • Add between 8 and 16 clear, unique and unwatermarked images per listing. 
  • Each listing should have 8 - 16 unique, unwatermarked images. 
  • Specify the erf size. 
  • Include rates and levies information. 
  • Add a Virtual Tour and a Video. 
  • The age of the listing also contributes to the ranking. 

2) Private Property: 

Full disclosure will provide prospective clients with a superior property search experience and will also boost your listing's ranking significantly on Private Property. Remember to display: 

  • Rates and levies 
  • The size of the property 
  • Full address details 

To boost your listing even further, pay special attention to visuals. 

  • Add between 3 and 24 high quality photos (images should be at least 600 pixels x 450 pixels to be considered high quality) 
  • Add a Virtual Tour 
  • Add a Video 

Private Property also offers featured listings. Marking your best listings as featured will ensure that they display on the top of the page for that specific area. If the area is highly competitive, listings will rank according to quality. Additional costs are required for this service.

Maximise your online reach by syndicating your properties to property portals and online classifieds. Treat each listing as an opportunity to hook the interest of prospective clients. High quality listings with beautiful visuals and captivating unique descriptions will not just help you to be more searchable on Google, but will also help you to stand out from the crowd on South Africa's leading property portals.