Importance Of A Well-Designed Real Estate Logo

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Creative on 09 March 2016

Tags: design, internet marketing

Logos are a crucial aspect of marketing. As your real estate business' major graphical representation, a logo cements your brand and becomes the single most visible element of your company within your target market. A well designed logo is a vital part of your marketing strategy and careful planning and implementation is necessary. A professional logo that truly captures the essence of your business will build trust and make it more likely for prospective clients to partner with you.        

What is the purpose of a logo? 

Your logo is essentially the "face" of your real estate business. It is a graphical representation of your company's unique identity. Through carefully considered colour schemes and font choices, prospective clients can learn more about your company's core values. If your logo conveys the values that they are searching for in a real estate business, such as professionalism and attention to detail, they might go on to convert into a high quality lead. 

Why is a professional logo a must for your real estate business? 

1) It builds trust 

Before a website visitor decides to convert into a high quality lead, they have already been presented with your logo. If your logo denotes professionalism, prospective clients are more likely to assume that your business is professional too. A professionally designed logo will subtly let clients know that you are good at what you do, while a boring, poorly executed logo will illustrate the opposite, thereby breaking down trust in your products and services.   

2) It attracts new clients 

A memorable logo that leaves a lasting impression can help you to generate new leads. If a prospective client has seen your branding somewhere, it will be top of mind when it's time for them to partner with a real estate business. 

3) It makes you stand out from the crowd 

We are confronted with numerous logos on a daily basis, and many of these are forgettable. Be the brand that stands out by choosing a logo that truly differs from your competitors.   

4) It keeps loyal clients 

Don't lose your most loyal clients to your competitors. A consistent logo and branding coupled with great customer service will ensure return clients.    

What makes a good logo?

1) It should identify your business 

An effective logo should promote the qualities that you want prospective clients to associate with your business. It should illustrate your business' unique personality. Is your real estate business professional and serious, or do you take a more fun approach to selling property?   

2) It should be easily recognisable 

Simply following the status quo will not distinguish your brand from others. Your logo needs to be distinct, unique, and easy to grasp. Prospective clients should immediately recognise your logo when they see it and associate it with your real estate brand.  

3) It should be timeless 

A well designed, professional logo will stand the test of time and will remain representative of your brand for many years. For a logo to be an effective branding tool, it is essential to opt for a design that will be able to keep up as your business grows. Changing it every few months will negatively impact all the hard work that you've put in to your business and its branding.

4) It should be versatile 

Your logo needs to look good regardless of where it's used. Your logo should be flexible enough to work well in any situation. To achieve this, ensure that it is simplistic enough to look good even on a small business card, yet still interesting enough to be eye catching on a billboard.  

5) It should be cost effective 

If you are planning on doing any print projects (such as brochures or for sale boards) it is essential to consider the cost of printing. While new technology allows you to print countless colours, it is advised to stick to CMYK values as printers often charge more for pantone inks.   

6) It should be memorable 

Your logo design should make a lasting impression, while being simple enough to deliver a clear message. Prospective clients should have a positive reaction when looking at it and remember it long after they've seen it. 

Your logo and corporate identity are a reflection of your company's core values and services. A well thought out, professional logo will inspire trust and confidence in your brand. If you are looking to rebrand or improve your current corporate identity, we can help. Prop Data will design a logo, business card, letterhead and sale board that buyers and sellers will remember.