How to be more likeable in 2016 

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Content on 06 January 2016

Tags: content marketing, facebook, social media

Do your new year's resolutions include improving your online marketing strategy? If you are planning on paying special attention to content marketing, your Facebook page should definitely form part of the planning.   

Persuading Facebook users to click the "Like" button on your page requires a lot of time, patience and a well thought out strategy. Here are a few tips on how to make your real estate Facebook page more likeable this year. 

1) Stop selling, be compelling 

Facebook is all about illustrating to prospective clients why they should partner with you for their property needs. Constant direct selling is not an effective strategy and will not yield great results. Rather listen to your audience, engage with them, create value, and educate them about your real estate business through storytelling. Brands who truly engage with customers, rather than spam them with constant promotional content, are more likely to see results and more importantly build a loyal, interactive community.   

2) Always use images 

One of the main reasons why Facebook has grown so much in popularity is the visual experience it provides for users. Adding images to your posts will ensure that people do not simply scroll past. Eye catching or interesting visuals will ensure more comments, likes and shares. Share pictures of your customers, properties, charity efforts, staff, area and more.  

3) Be valuable  

Your content should focus primarily on helping your audience. Share insightful articles, tips, infographics and other resources that could aid them with all their property related questions. Continuously providing prospective clients with helpful content will make it more likely for them to remember you as the go-to source for help. Additionally, they might also tell their friends and colleagues about you.  

4) Try videos 

Facebook videos are highly shareable and Facebook users tend to engage with them more often than any other types of content. These days most smartphones come with decent cameras. Use yours to shoot 30 - 60 second videos. Your videos can be a good mix between fun and informative.  

*Be sure to upload your videos directly to Facebook to make it easier for people to like your page directly from shared content. 

5) Respond to ALL comments 

Negative comments 

It is tempting to want to rid your Facebook page of any negative comments, but think twice before taking action. Deleting comments may create animosity, which might compel people to voice their opinions about you elsewhere. Rather take a deep breath, resolve the issue and apologise when an apology is required. With this approach, you can convert a complainer into a fan. 

Positive comments 

Always show your appreciation for positive comments. Your followers are taking the time to say something nice about your real estate company / agents and their thoughts should be acknowledged. Give them the opportunity to spread the word about their great experience. 

6) Ask questions 
See Facebook as a huge focus group that you can utilise to improve your services and content. Asking questions will generate a response from your audience, giving you access to valuable information that you can use to further improve your online and offline marketing efforts.  

Aside from useful insights, your audience will feel that you really care about their opinion and will be more likely to engage with your content. More comments and shares means bigger reach and more exposure for your real estate business.  

7) Use Employees as Brand Advocates 

Employees are the most effective brand advocates, especially if they love what they do and they are passionate about their company. Rope them in and take a team approach to Facebook. We're all different - we have different hobbies, interests, schooling histories and friends. Encouraging employees to like, share, and comment on company related posts will increase your audience tenfold.     

8) Facebook Ads 
Facebook is constantly refining their algorithm, making it increasingly difficult for companies to reach their followers organically. To see results, some advertising budget is necessary.  

Facebook Ads allows you to target and tailor your content and in doing so optimise engagement. You're able to target based on: Location, demographics, interests, behaviours, connections and custom audiences. 

  • If your goal is to gain more page likes, opt for Page Promotion. This will help you to build your audience by encouraging relevant people to like your Page and see your content.  
  • If you're looking for more engagement on your content, boost your posts. This will ensure that your content is shown to a larger audience and your own followers will be more likely to see it in their newsfeed.

Well… there you have it, go forth, engage those followers and make it impossible for prospective clients to ignore your real estate brand.

*If you have limited resources and you are interested in outsourcing your Facebook efforts, Prop Data Content is ready to assist.