Google AdWords: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Search on 10 February 2016

Tags: adwords, google, paid search

Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers and grow your real estate business. However, its diverse range of features, reporting tools and overall marketing dynamics can often seem slightly overwhelming and perplexing at times. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of questions and answers to clarify any ambiguity about Google AdWords and aid you in gaining the best possible return on your ads. 

What is the difference between Google AdWords and Display Ads?

Google AdWords are plain text ads which appear in the search results, whenever someone uses one of your keywords to do a search on the Google Search Network. The Search Network comprises of Google search as well as other search related sites which are partnered with Google.

Display Ads are visual multimedia ads which appear in the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network comprises of certain third party websites which have chosen to be monetised and approved as a Google advertiser. Therefore, Display ads will appear primarily on third party websites and are not reliant on keywords. 

Why aren’t my ads showing?

So your ads are accruing impressions and clicks yet whenever you do a Google search, your ad doesn’t seem to appear. This is the most frequently asked question regarding Google AdWords and the answer could be one of a number of reasons: 

  • Due to the dynamic nature of Google’s search facility, the Google results that you are seeing may not always be the same as what others are seeing. This is because Google will always attempt to return the most relevant information to you as an individual. Each Google search is personalised based on your previous search history and your ads may not appear because of this.
  • Your Google AdWords daily budget is being prematurely exhausted towards the end of the day and therefore your ads are not showing. The best solution would be to increase your monthly and daily budget as this would allow for more clicks and potential leads. 

Which websites are my Display Ads showing on?

Display ads are an excellent tool for brand awareness and exposure, particularly when used with remarketing. Though, because pay per click advertising is an ongoing process of refining and improving your ads, it is imperative to know where your ads are being shown. This is so that you can gain an understanding of whether these websites are relevant to your real estate business or not. Fortunately, the Google Display Ad reports are highly detailed, making this information easy to find.

How much does a click cost?

This is a very common question regarding Google AdWords and the answer depends on a variety of factors, namely: 

  • The cost per click can depend on the competitiveness of the keywords you have chosen. The dynamics of Google AdWords are very similar to that of an auction. The more popular your keywords are and the more people who have the same keywords as you, the higher your maximum cost per click bid will need to be in order for your ads to be shown. 
  • Another factor which influences the cost per click is your Quality Score. This is the score that Google has assigned to each of your ads based on the keywords, landing page and ad content being used and how they relate to each other. The better matched your ads are to your keywords and landing page, the better your quality score while the less specific they are the higher the cost per click.

What are my payment options?

All funds for your Google AdWords budget is paid directly to Google via either a postpaid option or a prepaid option. The postpaid option involves adding your credit card information to your Google AdWords account and allowing Google to bill the credit card in small segments, after a click threshold has been met. The second option is a prepaid EFT option, whereby you would deposit your monthly budget into Google’s account and allow the ads to run until this budget is depleted. 

Google AdWords is a must for your real estate business as it allows you to expand your customer base, improve brand awareness and maximise your leads. If you need assistance with making the most of your paid search efforts, our consultants are ready to assist.