Facebook Post Boosting

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Social on 18 November 2015

Tags: content marketing, social media

Is your brand getting the exposure it deserves on Facebook? If not, it might be worth the effort to consider Facebook ads to promote your real estate website, listings and other website content. Not sure how or where to get started? Keep reading. 

What is Boosting? 

Boosting is the simplest form of paid promotion currently offered by Facebook. It's a fantastic tool that is easy to use and manage. Boosting allows you to reach more people, thereby maximising brand exposure and convincing people to like your page. 

If you haven't used this great tool yet, here's how to go about: 

Step one: Set up your ad account 

To be able to use Facebook ads, a Facebook business page is required. If you are currently engaging with your audience on a Facebook group or profile, consider switching over to a business page. This will allow you to access useful insights that will allow you to make the most of your efforts.   

  • Visit your ads manager 
  • Add a payment method  

Step two: Choose your content 

Boosting your posts will make it more likely for your audience to see your content as it displays higher up in their timelines. Ever noticed how you don't see updates from pages that you don't follow regularly? Facebook shows people what they want to see (based on behavioural patterns) and in a lot of cases that excludes your posts. It is therefore necessary to spend some budget on ensuring that your followers see your content.  

While boosting posts for better exposure is a good approach, not all posts should/can be boosted. Avoid boosting:  

  • Posts without images - these are not very eye catching and your followers will probably just scroll past. 
  • Images with a lot of text on it - Facebook has a 20% text rule. If your image contains more than 20% of text, your boost will be declined. A good way to check, is to use Facebook's grid tool 
  • Posts that violate Facebook's Advertising policies

Examples of content that should be boosted: 

  • A hot property that is sure to sell quickly 
  • An informative post that you've written about a real estate topic 
  • Property news that will educate/benefit your audience  
  • Tips and advice 
  • Informative videos 
  • Neighbourhood related photos/information 

Step three: Build your ad 

Building your ad is as simple as making status update. It is however important to be especially mindful about this post as it will be shown to a bigger audience and you will be spending money on it. 

  • Think carefully about your use of words 
  • Ensure that there are no spelling and grammar errors 
  • Use captivating images that will evoke emotion 
  • Customise link descriptions and titles if necessary 

Step four: Define an audience and budget 

Once you are happy with the your post, it is time to boost it and define an audience. Simply click on "Boost Post" (located in the bottom right corner of your post). A pop up will appear where you can define an audience as well as a budget.   

If you have enough page likes you will have the following options: 

  • People who like your Page - This will show your post only to people who like your page. 
  • People who like your Page and their friends - This will show your post to people who like your page and their friends. While this is quite broad, it is very likely that your followers will have friends with similar interests.  
  • People you choose through targeting - If you choose to target your ad to a specific audience, you will be able to define information such as age, location, gender and interests. 

Now move on to setting a budget. Facebook allows you to choose your own date range and budget. Some trial and error is required, so start off small and track the progress of your ads. If you are planning to post on a daily basis, boost your posts for one day only to ensure that you are not spamming your audience. 

Facebook is a great tool that can help you to establish an even stronger online presence. If you don't see great results right away, don't be discouraged. Keep adding valuable content on a regular basis and make sure that it is relevant to your audience. Content marketing is all about slowly but surely positioning yourself as a helpful and approachable resource, thereby keeping your brand top of mind and convincing people that you are the best agency for the job. Boosting your posts will allow you to reach a bigger audience and will increase the likelihood of generating high quality leads.