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The 5 Benefits of Property Listing Syndication 

Posted by Prop Data in Syndication on 10 May 2017

Tags: syndication

Syndication has enabled estate agents to capture a property listing once and then, with a single click of a button, automatically publish that listing on multiple property portals. Therefore, syndication is an important method of marketing a property listing online and offers several benefits to your real estate business.

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A New Window To Feeds

Posted by Prop Data in Syndication on 20 April 2016

Tags: syndication, website update

Up until now, managing inbound and outbound data feeds has been a very cumbersome, confusing and time consuming exercise for most Estate Agents as they lacked access to feed log information. In fact, they’ve been kept totally in the dark. Barring contacting our Support Centre, it has been virtually impossible for an Estate Agent to know if or when Prop Data received a listing from a 3rd party software system and whether or not it was successfully published on their company website and the major property portals.

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Syndicating To SA’s Leading Property Portals

Posted by Robert Cerff in Syndication on 13 April 2016

Tags: marketing, online marketing, property portals, syndication

With more and more buyers and tenants starting their property search online, property portals and online classified websites have become an essential advertising medium for all South African estate agencies and a prime sources of leads. Property portals aggregate property listings from multiple estate agencies enabling buyers and tenants to search and compare all available properties in a particular neighbourhood on one site.

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Property Portals

Posted by Robert Cerff in Syndication on 18 July 2014

Tags: lead generation, property portals

We have covered the benefits of syndicating your listings to other real estate related websites in previous posts.  It is important however to note that not all portals offer the same type of level of service.  Some portals may only cater to particular industry while others may require a payment for placement.

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Boost Your Portal Rankings

Posted by Robert Cerff in Syndication on 27 June 2014

Tags: marketing, property portals

As discussed previously, web syndication offers many benefits.  The greatest benefit of being able to syndicate your real estate listings remains the fact that your data needs only be captured once.  This also ensures that if you have to update your data you needn't worry about updating several databases or platforms.

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Web Syndication

Posted by Robert Cerff in Syndication on 02 May 2014

Tags: marketing, online marketing

Web syndication is a form of syndication in which website material is made available to multiple other sites.  More commonly, web syndication refers to making web feeds available from a similar website in order to provide other people with a summary or update of the website's recently added content (for example, the latest news or new listing information).

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