Capture Once. Publish Everywhere.

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Management on 17 August 2016

Tags: internet marketing

In today’s fast paced digital real estate market, estate agencies are relying more and more on the convenience of technology to help reduce costs and make their businesses more efficient and easier to operate. However, it wasn't that long ago that real estate agents listed a new mandate and were then forced to manually capture the listing several times on various different platforms. Typically the listing would first be captured on their internal office listing system, then again on their company website, and yet again on each respective property portal and online classifieds website and then finally the listing information and photos would be captured again to create a showhouse brochure or marketing flyer. If there was ever an amendment to the listing, such as a price change, the agent or admin staff would have to go back and edit the listing on each and every platform. This method was obviously highly inefficient, not to mention costly and time consuming.

However, with the recent introduction of XML feeds and API technology, Prop Data has been able to create a far more efficient real estate market by providing the industry with a single capture listing management and marketing solution. Gone are the days of capturing a new listing several times on several different platforms. With Prop Data, you can capture a listing once and publish everywhere!

Capture Once

The Prop Data Management System is a cloud-based real estate software solution that enables you to store, access and manage all your agent, office, document, listing, website and leads data from anywhere, at any time. All your residential, commercial, holiday letting and new development listing data and media files (i.e photos, videos, virtual tours, floor plans etc…) are captured once and then automatically published, in real time, to your company brochures, reports, email alerts, property portals, website and mobi site, Google, email newsletter as well as Facebook and your other social media sites. With a single click of the mouse, Prop Data aims to provide maximum market exposure for your real estate brand and new property listing.


Previously, Estate Agents would need to spend a great deal of time creating brochures on programmes such as Word and Publisher. Now, once a listing has been captured, you can simply select a brochure template from a library and automatically generate a professionally designed and branded PDF brochure with the single click of the mouse. Prop Data also offers custom designed brochure templates to suit your company's needs and accurately reflect your real estate brand.


The Prop Data Management System also offers a wide range of property listing reports. All captured listings will automatically display in your property detail, listing sheet or one-liner stock reports - allowing you to better manage and organise your listing stock. You can even define your own report criteria, select your column headings and generate an up-to-date one-liner stock report in Excel or PDF format.

Property Email Alerts

All new listings are automatically emailed to all your prospective buyers or tenants with matching property requirements, notifying them of the new listing and providing them with your contact details and a link to that specific property on your website.

Property Portals

Prop Data also boasts one of the largest syndication networks in the country. Once a new listing is captured, you simply select the portals and online classifieds you would like to publish the property on and Prop Data will automatically distribute and publish the listing on Property 24, Private Property, Gumtree, IOL Property and all the other leading property sites you subscribe to.

Feeds Management

In the recent past, managing inbound and outbound feeds has been a very frustrating, confusing and time consuming endeavour for most estate agents as they have lacked access to feed log information. However, Prop Data’s Feeds Management System takes the hassle out of feeds by providing you with a dashboard to easily monitor and manage both inbound feeds from either PropCtrl or Fusion and outbound feeds to Property24, Private Property and Gumtree in real time.


All captured listings are instantly published on your company website and mobi site in real time - enabling potential buyers and tenants to search your website and then discover, compare and assess your new listing straight away.


If your website has been optimised for the search engines, your website will be crawled by Google on a regular basis and all new listings will be indexed and found in the organic Google Search Results. If you’re running a Google AdWord or Google Display Ad Campaign, all adverts with relevant sponsored keywords will link directly to your new listing and other similar properties.

Email Newsletter

All new listings, on show properties and featured properties are also promoted in your email newsletter that is automatically generated and distributed by Prop Data to all your active mailing listing members on a monthly basis – keeping your brand at the forefront of mind and ensuring that you keep in regular contact with your clients.


If you have taken the Facebook option, Prop Data can either automatically post your new listing on your wall or our Content team can manually post and promote your new listing on your Facebook Page and reach prospective buyers or tenants through a Facebook Advertising Campaign.

Prop Data is committed to harnessing the power of the internet to create a more efficient real estate market. Our single capture approach to managing and marketing your real estate listings will not only generate maximum exposure for your brand and listings but it will ultimately save you time and money - allowing you to focus on your core business of selling and renting properties.