8 Benefits of Google AdWords

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Search on 11 November 2015

Tags: adwords, display ads, google, google adwords

Google is the largest search engine on the internet, making Google AdWords a highly beneficial online advertising platform for your real estate business. This is because it allows you, the advertiser, to reach new customers and grow your business within a budget that you’re comfortable with. Not only does AdWords allow full control over where your ads appear and to whom they appear, but it also enables you to track immediate results, highlighting your areas of weakness and success. Here are 8 benefits of using Google AdWords for your business.

1) Flexible Budget

Unlike other forms of advertising, with AdWords, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. More so, you can specify the maximum amount that you’re prepared to pay per click and adjust this at any time, making AdWords a cost effective and flexible way for you to reach prospective customers and generate leads. Your AdWords spend will never exceed the amount you have specified as each AdWords campaign is controlled by a predetermined daily limit. This also ensures that your budget is spent evenly throughout the month, enabling you to engage your customer base on a daily basis, whenever they are searching for your goods or services.  

2) Visibility

Google AdWords is an excellent way for your business to appear frequently in Google Search results. Although organic impressions are important, if your ads are of good quality they will appear above the organic search results, improving the likelihood of people seeing your ad and clicking through to your website. Additionally, even if your ads aren’t being clicked on, your impressions are serving as exposure for your brand. Therefore, Google AdWords serves as both a platform for driving traffic to your website as well as for improving brand awareness.

3) Targeted traffic

There are several tools in the Google AdWords interface which allow you to target your ads according to the characteristics of your target market. This means you can adjust each campaign to only show your ads to people of a specific geographic location, age or gender. Additionally, you can adjust the targeting in accordance with your customer’s interests, websites they tend to frequent, times of the day that they’re most active online as well as their device preference, such as: mobile, desktop or tablet. 

4) Remarketing 

You can also enable remarketing, which ensures that your ads continue to show to customers who have already visited your website. This is particularly beneficial for Display Ads (Google Ads which appear on third party websites) as these tend to be very visual ads, ensuring that your brand is shown more frequently to people who have shown an interest in your business, thus increasing the likelihood of them becoming a quality lead.

5) No contracts

You can pause or delete your AdWords account at any given time as AdWords does not operate according to a set contract or rule. For instance, during the holiday season, your real estate business might be very busy and you no longer require Google AdWords for that month, you can pause the ads until the season is over, with no repercussions. This gives you the choice to decide when you would like your ads to run and for how long, making AdWords a highly convenient and flexible advertising platform. 

6) It's instant 

There are no lengthy waiting periods, once Google has approved your ads and your campaign is active, your keywords immediately begin to match with related searches, showing your ads to potential customers whenever possible. Within hours you will be able to see results such as the total number of impressions and even clicks. 

7) Promotion of a specific service or product

Adwords also allows you to separate your campaign into adgroups and run more than one campaign. Therefore, if you’re looking to promote a specific product, service or special offer, you can create separate ads and monitor each adgroup/campaign’s respective progress. You can also target each campaign or adgroup differently, allowing you to show some ads to a different target market than the rest. 

8) Measurability 

The AdWords reports give you intricate details about the performance of your ads, allowing you to see where your strengths lie and what your downfalls are. You can test certain strategies and track their progress, making A/B testing easy to implement. Using these statistics, you are easily able to adjust your campaign(s) and improve your areas of weakness, in order to achieve the best possible return on investment. 

There are several benefits which come with using Google AdWords for your real estate business. Reaching those extra customers and expanding your clientele can be done easily with AdWords as it allows you to target prospective clients when they are actively searching for your products or services.