7 Ways To Better Manage And Convert Your Leads

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Management on 23 August 2016

Tags: custom websites, marketing

Real estate agencies spend a significant amount of time and money on both their traditional and digital marketing efforts in order to reach, engage and ultimately convert prospective property buyers, tenants, landlords and sellers into high quality leads. However, despite the high cost and considerable effort that goes into the acquisition of a lead through various marketing and advertising activities, such as boards; show-houses; newspaper adverts; brochures; property portals; websites and email newsletters, to name but a few, many real estate companies fail to effectively manage their leads and as a direct result they miss out on many opportunities to convert their leads into a deal.

By better managing your leads, with tools like Prop Data’s Leads Management System, you can greatly improve your lead conversion rate (i.e the rate at which you convert a lead into a deal) and thereby improve the return on your marketing investment. 

Here are 7 ways Prop Data can help you better manage and convert you leads: 

1. Website & Portal Integration

All electronic leads generated on your Prop Data Website and selected property portals are first sent to the listing agent/s via email and SMS and are then automatically logged in the Leads Management System and assigned to the respective listing agent/s, saving you the time and hassle of capturing those leads directly into the system.

2. Capture Leads

The Lead Management System also allows you to capture leads, sourced from channels other than the website and select property portals (such as boards, newspaper ads and showhouses), directly into the system. You can record the source of the lead, their contact details as well as their property requirements and then access and manage your leads data from anywhere at any time from one central, online location.

3. Match and Email

Once you have captured a prospective buyer or tenant’s property requirements into the Leads Management System, it will not only automatically match their requirements with your current property listings, but it will also index or order the listings from hot to cold based on the accuracy of the match. You are then able to use your professional judgement to manually select properties and email them to a lead in just a couple of clicks. The prospective buyer or tenant will then receive a custom branded and personalised email from you with a summary and link to all the matching properties you selected. 

4. Property Email Alerts 

Keeping prospective buyers and tenants informed of new property listings is an extremely time consuming process. However, the Leads Management System fully automates this task for you by sending out an email notification to all prospective buyers or tenants, with matching property requirements, as soon as a new property listing is captured in the system. 

5. Mailing List

To ensure that you keep in regular contact with all your prospective clients and keep your real estate brand at the forefront of mind, all leads are automatically added to your email newsletter mailing list. On a monthly basis the Prop Data system will automatically create and distribute your custom branded email newsletter to all your active mailing list members. The email newsletters are personalised with office specific content and are designed to drive repeat traffic back to your website. 

6. Make Notes

When managing and juggling high volumes of leads at the same time, it can often be difficult to keep track and remember what you did or said or sent to whom. Therefore, the Make Note facility in the Leads Management System enables you to easily jot down and store a note, comment or action task next to each and every lead in the system in chronological order – keeping you better informed and helping you better manage your leads. 

7. Analysis Reporting

According to award-winning social media scientist and author, Dan Zarella, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”, which is why the Prop Data Leads Management System provides comprehensive leads analysis reporting. The report will automatically analyse all your leads data for a specific period and provide useful insights into where your leads are geographically coming from, how they found you, and what they are looking for - helping you to make better, more informed marketing decisions in the future. 

Prop Data’s Leads Management System will help you better manage and convert your leads by automatically integrating and logging electronic leads generated on your website and selected property portals; providing a central online location to store, access and manage your leads data; matching your lead’s property requirements with your property stock; sending out email notifications of new property listings; building a mailing list; keeping notes and providing insights on your leads data. By correctly managing your leads you will improve your conversion rate and drastically improve your return on your marketing investments.