5 Reasons why you need to be a tech savvy real estate Agent

Posted by Louise Germishuys in Content on 25 May 2015

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The advent of the internet has transformed the way that people search for property. It is definitely worth the effort to become more tech savvy and exploit the benefits that technology has to offer.

Traditional marketing methods (such as print) might be working for you, but why not expand your reach, become a helpful resource and ultimately increase your leads?  

Here are five reasons why you should consider using technology for your real estate business:
1) It's cheaper

Technology allows you to reach a large amount of people at very little cost.  

• You can present your clients and potential clients with loads of beautiful visual content while avoiding the cost of printing.  

• You can present them with valuable advice without having lengthy telephone conversations.
2) It's instant

Real estate agents have to facilitate communication between various parties in order to reach an agreement. This can be quite a challenge when the parties are scattered all over.

How do you go about getting offers, contracts and other documentation to these clients? Without technology it would involve a process of printing out the documentation, driving to the various clients, going through each piece of documentation and following up with various phone calls.  

Technology allows you to send these documents to your clients instantly, regardless of where they are. It narrows geographical restrictions and it also speeds up the entire process.   
3) Your customers are tech savvy
For most home buyers the first step to finding their dream home is conducting a property search online. It is therefore important to have an online presence to ensure that these people find you and make use of your services.

Social media is a popular and powerful tool that should also be exploited. Engaging with your fans and followers in a more personal way will allow you to position yourself as a property expert and a helpful resource. This will keep your brand top of mind and help you to find more leads.     

Things to keep in mind:  

• You need a user friendly website that is optimised for SEO

• You need to add beautiful photos and captivating descriptions to your listings

• You need to add content to your website regularly. This content needs to be unique and helpful to ensure that your clients are motivated to stay on your website  

• Mobile search is getting more and more popular and with Google's recent algorithm change, it is more important than ever to have a mobile friendly solution.  

• You need a presence on social media - you don't need a presence on every single platform, but aim for the popular ones like Facebook and Twitter.  
4) You're already doing it
The idea of using technology for your business might sound a bit daunting, but think about it this way: you probably are already using technology in your everyday life. Most of us own a smartphone and are comfortable with using it.  

• Use these tools to their full potential - download apps that will allow you to create an online presence on social media

• Use your smartphone for email correspondence  

• Use your smartphone to give your clients a superior visual experience when they view listings
5) Beat the competition

It is not just consumers who are adopting technology - your fellow agents are doing it too. The real estate industry is competitive and it's vital that you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

• Technology allows you to reach more people. With most property searches starting online, a strong online presence will ensure greater reach. 

• A good content marketing plan helps you to convince potential clients at an early stage of the buying process that you are the best person for the job. An estate agent perceived as a helpful resource is more likely to enjoy high quality leads. 

• Facebook allows you to add "Pages to watch". This enables you to add your competitor as a page to watch and see exactly how they are performing in terms of how many times they post per week, how good their engagement is, and how fast their likes are picking up compared to yours.


Having a strong online presence will enhance your offline presence. Technology allows you to: reach potential leads much easier than ever before; build and maintain relationships with your clients and past clients and; helps to position you as a property expert. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and ensure that you build trust in your brand through content marketing.