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Homebuyers Don’t Need Your Real Estate Website – So Make Them Want It

Posted by Prop Data in Content on 11 April 2017

Tags: content marketing, email marketing, google adwords, local search, property portals

The number of buyers who are finding their dream home online, without the direct assistance of an estate agent, is higher than ever before.The estate agent is no longer the gatekeeper to property information as the internet has empowered today’s homebuyers and given them free and easy access to information. 

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Use Paid Search to Reach your Clients

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Search on 14 February 2017

Tags: adwords, google adwords, paid search

Paid Search is a cost effective and highly scalable form of online advertising which is designed to connect you with clients who are actively searching online for your properties and services. This is because Paid Search platforms enable you to bid on a cost-per-click basis for advert placements within the search engine results pages, by allowing you to sponsor a list of keywords related to your real estate business. Therefore, whenever a prospective customer uses a search engine to search for your services, your advert may be shown in the search results. 

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8 Benefits of Google AdWords

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Search on 11 November 2015

Tags: adwords, display ads, google, google adwords

Google is the largest search engine on the internet, making Google AdWords a highly beneficial online advertising platform for your real estate business. This is because it allows you, the advertiser, to reach new customers and grow your business within a budget that you’re comfortable with. Not only does AdWords allow full control over where your ads appear and to whom they appear, but it also enables you to track immediate results, highlighting your areas of weakness and success. Here are 8 benefits of using Google AdWords for your business.

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How Much Does a Click Cost?

Posted by Robert Cerff in Search on 21 February 2014

Tags: adwords, google adwords, paid search, ppc

Every time someone searches on Google, AdWords runs an auction to determine which of the ads will show on the search results page, and their rank on the page. In order to place your ads in this auction, you first have to choose how much you'd like to bid.  The most commonly used bidding strategy is the cost per click bidding option, which means they only accrue costs based on the clicks that the ads generate.

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What is AdWords?

Posted by Robert Cerff in Search on 14 February 2014

Tags: adwords, google adwords, paid search, ppc

AdWords (also referred to as "Google AdWords") is a paid search advertising service by Google for businesses or organisations wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program enables these businesses and organisations to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads.

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