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Hyper-Personalisation Is The Future Of Email Marketing

Posted by Keisha Singh in Email on 18 May 2016

Tags: email alert, email marketing, email newsletter

The dominant consensus among marketing experts is that the personalisation of email marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Email personalisation is the process of tailoring each email to suit each clients’ preferences or interests. One-to-one marketing, as it is sometimes called, is effective in enhancing customer service as it serves to meet your clients’ needs more effectively and efficiently, thus promoting faster interaction. This in turn, increases customer satisfaction, resulting in repeat visits to your website.

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How To Create The Perfect Email Newsletter

Posted by Keisha Singh in Email on 11 May 2016

Tags: email marketing, email newsletter

Due to the phenomenal growth of email marketing a number of companies now place significant time and effort in their email newsletters. This trend represents a challenge to create unique content that sets your business apart from the rest.  The following are steps to implement to create the perfect email newsletter for your real estate company by generating content that is relevant, engaging and original.

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Stuck for Newsletter Ideas?

Posted by Robert Cerff in Email on 30 January 2015

Tags: email marketing, email newsletter, internet marketing, lead generation, online marketing

We’ve covered the importance of branded email correspondence as well as regular email newsletters for your real estate company.  We’ve also established that regular news updates to your website can help convert website visitors into active leads.  So we’ve established that news remains important, but what exactly makes up news?

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How to build, segment and maintain an effective mailing list

Posted by Robert Cerff in Email on 21 November 2014

Tags: email marketing, email newsletter, email stationery, lead generation

Email newsletter marketing is one of the most powerful, cost-effective and measurable forms of direct marketing as it enables you to mass communicate your marketing messages, distribute information, promote your real estate business and listings; keep your brand at the forefront of your clients mind; stay in regular contact and drive repeat traffic to your website. However, the key to any successful email newsletter marketing campaign is building, segmenting and maintaining an effective mailing list.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Publish an Email Newsletter

Posted by Robert Cerff in Email on 01 March 2014

Tags: email marketing, email newsletter, internet marketing, marketing

One of the primary objectives of a Prop Data website is to encourage visitors to ‘opt in’ and subscribe to our client’s monthly email newsletter. The idea is to build a large and qualified database of prospective buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants and then communicate with them on a regular basis via email.

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