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Why Professional Website Design Is Important

Posted by Michaila Pirie in Creative on 02 March 2016

Tags: branding, creative articles, design

In today’s ever changing world, visual communication is becoming increasingly important. The human brain processes imagery much faster than words and most of the information we consume is through visuals. Your real estate website should convey your brand/message and impactful visuals are the best way to do so. Appearance matters, which is why professional website design is a crucial part of being successful online.

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Avoiding Real Estate Brand Dilution

Posted by Prop Data in Creative on 15 December 2014

Tags: branding, creative articles

Making sure that your real estate brand remains consistent is key in ensuring that your market perceives your brand in line with your marketing strategy. It is of vital importance to work with a branding / creative agency that understands real estate marketing and is capable of executing your branding strategy across all media.

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Getting Your Real Estate Brand’s Colour Right

Posted by Prop Data in Creative on 23 September 2014

Tags: creative articles

The psychology of colour is one of the most debatable aspects in visual marketing. There are many elements that influence how people react to colour. Personal preference, past experience and cultural differences are some examples that can influence people’s responses to colour. The most important question when it comes to choosing a corporate colour or colours for your Real Estate Brand is does it evoke the right emotional response across the broadest segment of your target market?

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